Hulu Clinic is the Chinese medicine clinic of Hulutang Daoist Temple (葫芦堂)

Our Clinic offers a variety of treatments including acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Dit Dar (Tendon and bone repair), Qigong Tuina, cupping, moxa as well as diet and lifestyle advices. We have helped many people with a wide range of issues such as migraines, fertility, pain management, insomnia, cancer, colds and flus, emotional issues such as depression and anxieties. ​

Our clinic is unique in that it holds up the ethos of Hulutang's Daoist philosophies of balance and harmony. Our practitioners are followers of Daoist ways and practice deep inner cultivations.

The core of Chinese Medicine is dealing with Qi(). In the ancient times, the Chinese Daoist alchemists discovered that in order to have longivity, one has to  have enough Qi. The manifestation of Qi follows the interaction and interchange of the yin() and yang()and the Five Elements (五行Wuxing) - Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. Chinese medicine is a unqiue and complete medicinal healing system in that it uses Yin and Yang and the five elements to re-balances the body's internal energy to be in harmony with the external energies. It is not uncommon for us to prescribe contemplation (mindfullness) and breathing exercises alongside our treatments as we believe that patients who take on some of these exercises are better at coping daily changes and restore their internal balances.

One of the Daoist principles is that there is nothing permanent but change. It is when the body is unable to adapt to external and internal changes that ill health occurs.

Encouraging patients to examine their lifestyle is also an important factor in our treatments. In this science and technology driven world where we are pulled towards external demands and rely on visional verifications, our bodies are constantly under pressure and dis-ease become the norm. it is important to look for the deeper causes and seek more natural ways to cope and rehabilitate our inner self. 

Our clinic further teaches our patients  the basic concepts and skills of Chinese medicine so that they can look after their health on a day-to-day basis. 


Hulu Clinic