First consultation and treatment is £65, which lasts up to an hour and half. Follow-up treatments are £50 each time. 

Hulu Clinic


The ancient Chinese discovered that our body is a small universe governed by our interactions and exchanges with the external universe which includes nature and society. Our body has a network of meridians that allows Qi to travel throughout our physiology to nourish and support our functions. Acupuncture needles are used as a conductor to move Qi by tapping into the body's meridian systems to clear blockages, restore deficiencies and re-balance the energy.


Moxa uses a natural Chinese medicinal herb on the skin or close to the skin, to direct heat into the body. Moxa is unique in both its medicinal property and its application method which can be used to nourish the body's essence and clear stagnation. Moxa is derived from a herb called mugwort. 


Guasha is a healing technique that involves scraping your skin with a massage tool to improve your circulation. It helps to create free and uninterrupted energy flow and activates the body's natural healing processes.


Cupping is a method that applies heat and pressure to the body surfaces to move the Qi at different levels of the body.

Diet and Lifestyle

Daoist Lifestyle and Dietary Advice

Chinese medicine is based on Daoist philosophy. The most fundamental philosophy of Daoism is that our body is a small universe that is part of the bigger universe. When the small follows the big, it flows and sustains. On a day to day basis, this means one needs to recognize the unnatural conditioning we have made throughout our lives. By making simple changes to the way we see, hear, sleep, eat, move and interact in the environment we live in, we gradually tune into our body's inner wisdom and connect to the natural flow of the universe. We gain health, peace and harmony.